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Rachel Fishburn is currently in the holder in first place.

1. With what hand did Jack win by?

2. What was Cal's established friend's name?

3. What kind of car was brought aboard in Southampton?

4. What inside the car made it especially romantic to Jack and Rose?

5. What lifeboat did Molly Brown escape on?

6. What time did 'Titanic' depart Southampton?

7. What was the name of the submersibles Brock was working with?

8. What was the first thing that Old Rose said in the movie?

9. Who did Jack dance with in steerage before he danced with Rose?

10. How many 'irish men' did it take to put 'Titanic' together?

11. What did the letter say that Rose wrote Cal?

12. What was the name of the song that Jack sings to Rose on the bow?

13. What were the instructions that Molly gave to Jack with the silverware?

14. What was the first thing that the group ate at dinner in 1st class?

15. Who spotted the iceberg?

16. What was the gash in Titanic's hull compared to? (It bounced along like the...)

17. How far did Titanic sink before hitting the ocean floor?

18. J. Dawson was never aboard the Titanic. T or F?

19. What was Fabrizio looking for off into the ocean while he was on the bow?

20. What was the name of the song Rose, Cal, Molly, etc...were singing while attending the church services?