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*Titanic Fan Club*

**If you live in the St. Louis area, or are going to be in the St. Louis area between December 2001 and April of 2002 then stop by the Science Center to check out the Titanic exhibit, or for more information goto I'll be checking this exhibit out myself (it's me, Amy, not Melissa), and hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures taken and have them posted on the site for a true Titanic experience. So keep a look out on the site guys, we're gonna try and update it more often now!**

**If you were a previous member of the club, please goto the join page and sign up again. Over the years we've had different e-mail addresses for the club over the past few years this site has been running, but we now have a permanent e-mail address that we can hopefully keep track of all of our members now. So please for the LAST time sign up again, and then we'll get an actual newsletter out every so often. Thanks!!**

**LAST EDITED: December 19th, 2001**

Welcome to the Titanic Fan Club Website!

We are a non-profit organization, who are here to celebrate the making and history of TITANIC, to keep the legacy alive.

The three hour and fourteen minute drama has taken the world by storm. People are suddenly connected with the wonder, mystery, and terror that took place on that dreadful night in 1912. The movie, Titanic, has touched so many hearts and took us back in time for 'a night to remember'. I know I'll never forget the movie, which is why we have this site, to keep people constantly informed of the going's on of the movie as it opens around the world, and to inform them of what really happened that night. Things that were not necessarily shown in the movie, but need to be told.

If you become a member, you will receive a newsletter every few weeks via e-mail about the movie, including trivia and history. If you don't want to join, feel welcome to browse the site from time to time. You'll also find links to the un-edited version of the script, lyrics to the song, "My Heart Will Go On", by CÚline Dion, character bio's, trivia, Titanic history, pictures, and a lot more.

I hope you enjoy this site about the movie and ship, and "never let go" of its legacy.


Melissa Boyle~Titanic Fan Club President

Amy Kleinschmidt~Vice President

*Links To Other Pages*

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